Who We Are

For over 50 years we have been doing in the Galician market work prescription, sale and advisory of the brands we represent.
In more than 50 years of voyage some of the brands have grown at the same time as us and with us ; it´s today a reference in the national and international market as reflecting and confirming the great relationship that we have with them and the work of seriousness and respect for the customer and the manufacturer which is the leitmotif of our house and who have made us to be over a half century in frontline.
In this new stage and trough our new website we hope to convey to the customer the reliability and continuity of service in the spirit that has always characterized us.
Moreover, in recent years we have added new manufacturers in the European Union (Germany and Italy) which we want to contribute strategically to market value-added products where the quality argument is at the center of our trade relations.
we have recently started working with companies of the European Union for the sale of our products in Spain and Portugal.
Our area of work is focused in Galician in the areas of Ironmongery, construction and industry but we have been expanding in recent years new areas of work such as labor protection, water treatment, road signs . In addition the Horeca Canal and industrial hygiene as well as equipment for the disabled.

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